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Short film written by Chelsea Turner and Lauren Finerman

*This project is in development. Inquire to read the script!

A modern day spin on Plato's Allegory of the Cave told against the backdrop of a circus cabaret, The Cave ​draws the viewer into a world of lies and deception hidden by the facade of spectacle. When the show’s star performer, Cora, feels threatened by a new recruit, she realizes that many things are amiss about the live/work arrangement she has with the performance company. She must make a choice to live in ignorant bliss or discover the truth about the show that defines her.

Short film written by Chelsea Turner 

A young woman Production Designs her first feature film which stars talking horses, all while navigating a strange relationship, and even stranger coworkers.

Short film written by Chelsea Turner 

Three ghost best friends are living their best life in Los Fantasmas, an evil, bizarre version of Los Angeles. The ladies are 22 years old and navigating the fun, wild and sometimes superficial city that they call home. Los Fantasmas is the center of the world for spooky entertainment and ghastly art. Together the ghost girls get into all sorts of mishaps and misadventure, learning life’s lessons along the way.

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